Why You Should Embrace Change


Dear Tony, What should I do if I fear change?

Daily Huddle changee

Change is tough.

It means breaking habits, changing routines, or letting go of what’s familiar.┬áThat’s why so many fear change.

But what happens when God is wanting to bring something better into your life?

What happens if you’re clinging so tightly to a mundane career, that you miss the dream job that God has just around the corner for you? What happens if you keep your finances so tight that you miss out on the joy of supporting a child in another country who needs you? What happens if you refuse to move to a new city and miss the lifelong friends God had in store for you there?

And though the list goes on and on, let’s leave it at this: change can be good.

And when you’re trusting God, He will always take care of you and lead you into what is best for you and most glorifying for Him.

Posted on: July 21, 2016