Why Engage, Educate, and Equip Others


Daily Huddle- Encourage

In life, we are responsible for 3 things: engaging others, educating others, and equipping others. So today, let’s talk a little bit about why it’s so crucial to take on these roles and do them well…

Why Engage? 

Engaging others well means listening to people, caring for people, and advising people. By choosing to engage, you’re choosing to put the needs of others ahead of your own.

Why Educate? 

We all have something to offer the world. So what’s stopping you from educating others about what you’ve learned? Be quick to offer your wisdom and guidance!

Why Equip? 

Equipping others is the best way to love them well. By equipping them with the resources to make wise decisions, you’re investing in their future.


How will you engage, educate, or equip others today? Feel free to leave your idea in a comment below!

Posted on: January 09, 2024