When Opposites Attract


Daily Huddle Marriage

We’ve all heard how romantic it can be when opposites attract.

But one of the hardest parts of marriage is dealing with your spouse’s differences…

  • Maybe you’re an extrovert and your spouse is an introvert.
  • Maybe you communicate best with your actions and your spouse communicates best with their words.
  • Maybe you love sports and your spouse loves books.

The list goes on and on. But today, let’s talk through how differences in marriage can be a blessing in disguise…

Differences Lead to Acceptance: Once we recognize how we’re different, we can come to better accept our spouse for who they are. We can learn to love their boldness in spite of our timidness. We can learn to love their strength when we are weak. And we can learn to love their patience when we are angry.

Differences Lead to Fun: Differences in marriage also mean FUN! It means having the opportunity to try things you never thought you would…things like traveling, skydiving, or tasting foreign food. Be sure to explore your spouse’s differences and make the most of them.

Differences Lead to a Balance: Finally, differences lead to a healthy balance in marriage. When you struggle with negativity, your spouse’s optimism will come in handy. And when your spouse struggles with daily stresses, your big picture mindset will bring peace.


How are you and your spouse different from one another? We’d love to hear your answer in a comment below.

Posted on: February 22, 2024