What Shapes Your Identity?


What do you believe shapes your identity?

For some, it’s their career. They work long days and late nights climbing the corporate ladder. They believe that their next promotion will finally make them happy…only to find it’s a never-ending climb.

For others, it’s social media. They spend hours scrolling through Twitter and Facebook, creating a picture-perfect life to impress their friends. They find fleeting happiness in the the number of “likes” they can rack up.

Still others believe their family shape their identity. They live vicariously through their children–forcing them into sports they never succeeded in on their own. Or they put too much pressure on their spouse to maintain a perfect home and a perfect disposition.

But while these can all be great things, the truth is that your identity should be found in Christ. Your career, your social media account, and your family can bring you joy. But it is God who calls you his own and guides you through life.

So be encouraged to find your identity in Christ alone!

Posted on: May 19, 2016