What it Takes to Be a Great Leader


There are many challenges that come with being a leader. One of those challenges is finding the middle ground between being too arrogant and too passive.

The Problem

Some leaders we know tend to lean toward arrogance. They become so confident and good at leading (or at least think they’re good at leading), that they begin to think too highly of themselves. This often causes them to become condescending in their attitude, short-tempered in their replies, and difficult to be around.

Other leaders we know tend to lead towards passivity. They work so hard to please the people they’re leading that they lose their morals and values. They stop leading with conviction and start leading with concern. They begin to put the opinions of others over the opinion of God.

The Solution

So how can we find the middle ground and avoid being arrogant or passive? With confidence from God. Confidently leading others begins with praying for them, investing in them, and doing everything we can to love them well. 

The Next Step

We encourage you to take some time this week to pray for the people you’re leading. This is sure to be a great first step to becoming a confident leader who is honoring to God!

Posted on: April 25, 2017