The Truth About God


Sometimes we get so caught up in this world that we forget to look up. We get so caught up in our work, our business, our marriage, our kids, and our finances that we forget to consider God. So today, here are 3 truths to remember about God’s character…

  1. God is good. First and foremost, we must understand that God is good. His plan for you and your life is good. He wants to guide you and protect you and bring you peace.
  2. God is sovereign. Next, it’s important to know that God is sovereign. He is always watching over us and working things together for our good.
  3. God is in control. Finally, remember that God is in control of it all. God is above all because He always was, always is, and always will be. He has control over His creation and keeps you in His hand.

What are some other truths about God? We’d love for you to share in a comment below.

Posted on: May 03, 2016