The Power of a Parent’s Influence


Daily Huddle Child

Whether you realize it or not, your children are watching you.

Do you like what they’re seeing?

As parents, we have a responsibility to act with care. So below are a series of questions to reflect upon how you may be influencing your children–in good ways and in not so good ways…

  • Are you quick to lose your temper?
  • When is the last time you showed affection to your spouse in front of your kids?
  • Do you treat others with respect or disdain?
  • Are you quick to serve around the house?
  • What sort of language do you use when you’re angry?
  • Do you spend more time checking emails or checking how your child’s day was?
  • Do you use your words to build others up or tear others down?
  • How often do you thank your spouse for what they do?


What are some other questions to help you reflect on how you influence your kids? We’d love to hear your suggestions in a comment below.

Posted on: September 09, 2015