The Joy of Parenting: Celebrating Your Kids as the Gift They Are!


At one point or another, every child can be frustrating, difficult, or exhausting. And instead of showing love, we become selfish and impatient.

But the truth is that our children are not our own; they are a sacred trust from the Lord. They were given to us as a GIFT to enjoy and care for.

So how do we do this? Here are 3 ways to enjoy your kids as the gifts they are.

  1. Stop Rushing. Life is moving at a million miles per hour. But in order to enjoy the children God has blessed us with, we must stop rushing and focus on them!
  2. Stop Aiming for Perfection. It’s time to let go of our unrealistic expectations and realize that each child is unique. So celebrate their imperfections and help them grow in their weaknesses.
  3. Start Enjoying. Finally, we want to encourage you to simply make time for your kids. Plan a dinner out or a movie night at home…whatever it is, be sure to enjoy your children for the gift they are!

How can you spend time enjoying your kids this weekend? Share your idea in a comment below!

Posted on: June 30, 2016