Super Baskets of Hope event in New Orleans


The Dungy Family Foundation is helping spread hope across the nation beginning with the Super Baskets of Hope event in New Orleans!  Basket of Hope is thrilled to have over 15,000 books written by Tony and Lauren Dungy to put in the baskets and totes that will be delivered to hospitalized children across the nation!  The books include, UNCOMMON, A Team Sticks Together, and Ruby’s New Home.  The books will help lift the spirits of both the children and their parents.  

Tony Dungy is the National Spokesperson for Basket of Hope and has helped the program expand to many hospitals in NFL cities and beyond.   Basket of Hope is establishing branches in many new cities as well so baskets and totes can be delivered to seriously ill children on an ongoing basis.
We want to thank the Dungy Family Foundation for their generous support!
Angela Brunette
National Executive Director/Founder of Basket of Hope

Posted on: January 31, 2013


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