Pride vs. Confidence



It’s a thin line between pride and confidence. All too easily, our healthy confidence develops into unhealthy pride. Not sure where your fall on the scale of confident to prideful? Just check out the list of phrases below to figure it out.


“No one makes burgers the way I do. They’re the best you’ll ever taste!”

“You can’t change your car oil? I’ve been changing oil since I was a teenager. It’s a breeze!”

“My son will win this game–no doubt about it. He’s the most talented quarterback in the state.”


“Here, try some of my burgers! I spent all evening doing my best to grill them well.”

“I have experience changing car oil, so I’d love to help you out with yours.”

“My son is an incredibly hard-worker. I can’t wait to see him play his best in this game–win or lose.”


How would you define pride or confidence? Comment below with your answer!

Posted on: February 27, 2024