Our Words v. Our Actions


There’s a never-ending battle that we face each and every day: Our Words v. Our Actions.

We have goals, beliefs, and values that we say we stand for. We tell our friends, our family, our coworkers what is important to us.

But all too easily, our actions represent something different altogether.

On the one hand, we profess faith, love, and care. Yet our actions represent selfishness, pride, and impatience.

So how do we bridge the gap?

It all begins with prayer. It all begins with confessing that you can’t live a good life without the Lord. It all begins with asking God to give you strength to act in a way that honors Him.

What are you waiting for? Ask God to help you bridge the gap today! And be sure to comment below with how God is working in your life.

Posted on: January 07, 2016