How to Transform Your Marriage into an Uncommon Marriage


We all want to have a strong marriage.

We all want to find joy and fulfillment and passion and friendship and love in our marriages. But more often than not, we’re left feeling discouraged and exhausted and empty. We begin with high hopes on our wedding day, only to find that things aren’t as easy and wonderful as we’d hoped.

So how can we transform our current marriage into an uncommon marriage? Coach Dungy has two practical ideas for you and your spouse:

  1. Stay Focused on Your Marriage. First, it’s crucial that you prioritize your marriage. When you spend all your energy on your career and your kids and your hobbies, you come home exhausted at the end of the day. This leaves no energy for you to love your spouse well and invest in your marriage. So be sure to begin to intentionally save time and energy and love and heart for your spouse!
  2. Let God Lead Your Marriage. And above all, be sure to let God lead you and your spouse in your marriage! When you are deciding how to discipline your children, look to Christ. When you are deciding how to spend your money, look to Christ. When you are deciding where to live or work or worship, look to Christ. Trust God to lead you in every aspect of your marriage!

What are some other bits of marriage advice you’ve heard over the years? We’d love for you to share in a comment below!


Posted on: October 17, 2023