How to Live for God


Daily Huddle Purposes

Each day we have a choice: to live for ourselves or to live for God.

And when we choose to live for God, we choose to live for others. So let’s talk through what this looks like on a daily basis…

  1. Serve the Lord: Each morning when you wake up, the most important thing to do is pray! Pray that God would guide you, be with you, and give you opportunities to serve him. It’s crucial that we realize our lives are not about us…they are about God!
  2. Help Others: Once you develop a mindset of serving the Lord, helping others will become natural! You’ll be filled with love, joy, and energy to help others in any and every circumstance. So be on the lookout for chances to love your spouse, impact your kids, and help your coworkers.

What are some other ways to live for God? We’d love to hear your ideas in a comment below!

Posted on: December 31, 2015