How to Fall in Love Again



It’s all too easy to lose sight of the sacredness of marriage. We get so caught up in our daily routine that we forget how special our spouse truly is. So today, let’s take a trip down memory lane! Because by answering the following questions with your spouse, the two of you will have the chance to fall in love all over again.

  • When did you first lay eyes on your spouse?
  • Where did you and your spouse go for your first date?
  • What did you like most about dating your spouse?
  • When did you know you were in love with your spouse?
  • How did you and your spouse get engaged?
  • What did you feel on your wedding day?
  • What vows did you and your spouse make at your wedding?
  • Where did you and your spouse go on your Honeymoon?
  • What do you love most about your marriage?
  • Why would you never give up on your marriage?

What are some other great memories you’ve made with your spouse? Comment below with your story!

Posted on: November 02, 2015