How to Conquer the Top 3 Distractions


Let’s face it: we are much too easily distracted.

That’s right. Instead of slowing down and enjoying life, we often race through life at full speed! So today, we’re going to talk through the top 3 things that distract us from enjoying life. By doing so, we hope you’ll be better equipped to conquer these distractions and enjoy life to the fullest!

Distraction #1: Work

Many of us tend to make an idol out of our careers. We let our jobs become our identities. But once we realize that our satisfaction and affirmation will never come from business, we are able to put our work in its right place.

Distraction #2: Schedules 

Next, there’s no question that many of us allow our schedules to distract us from enjoying life. We become so caught up in sticking to pre-determined plans that we often don’t leave room for spontaneity. But if we want to truly enjoy life, we must be open to twists and turns!

Distraction #3: Perfection

And finally, our goal of perfection has the power to distract us from living life to the fullest. We are unable to stop chasing perfection and are unable to see beauty in imperfection. But the truth is that nothing we do, nothing we say, and no one we meet will ever be perfect. So don’t miss out on enjoying life’s imperfections!

What are some other things that distract you from enjoying life? Be sure to leave your answer in a comment below!

Posted on: January 21, 2016