How to Build Up Your Son’s Confidence


Daily Huddle MEN

Your son needs a hero.

He needs someone who will cheer him on, someone who will love him well, and someone who will build him up. Someone like you…his father. So here are 3 things to share with your son that will build his confidence.

  1. Tell Him He’s Capable of Anything: Teach your son that determination and dedication are the tools to success. Once he understands this, be a source of encouragement as he pursues his passions in life.
  2. Tell Him He Makes You Proud: Affirm your son’s character by sharing that you’re proud of him simply for who he is…not for anything he has accomplished.
  3. Tell Him He Can Always Count on You: And finally, be sure to share with your son that you will always be there for him. No matter what highs or lows life throws his way, remind him that you will never leave his side.

How else can you build up your son’s confidence? Simply leave your suggestions in a comment below.


Posted on: March 12, 2023