How to Build a Strong Marriage


The most common piece of advice our society offers is simply this: “Follow your heart.

Why? Because we live in a culture that praises feelings. We believe that our feelings should dictate our actions.

But the truth is, our feelings are constantly changing. We experience a jumble of anger and sorrow and confusion and jealousy and joy and peace and love and frustration…the list goes on and on.

This is especially true in marriage. There will be plenty of situations where you and your spouse disagree. And you will feel angry. Hurt. Alone. So should you give up? Of course not!

Instead, marriage requires us to build a solid foundation of trust and love. That way, we can hold fast to our foundation in times of trouble. Even when feelings of pain and frustration creep into our marriages, it’s crucial that we cling to our foundation rather than our feelings.

What are some other reasons why building a solid foundation is vital to a strong marriage? Share your thoughts below in a comment!

Posted on: January 14, 2016