How to Be Present with Your Family


In such a fast-paced world, it’s more and more difficult to slow down and make time for your kids. Everything else is calling for your attention–your boss, your finances, and even your social media feeds.

So how can you make your kids a priority? By making sure to be present with them emotionally and physically! Here are some ideas to get started…

How to Be Present Emotionally:

  • Write a letter to your kids with words of encouragement
  • Tell your kids how much you love them every chance you get
  • Ask your kids about what’s going on in their lives

How to Be Present Physically:

  • Go watch and cheer on your kid at their soccer game or dance recital
  • Hug your kids each night as you put them to bed
  • Make it a priority to eat dinner together after a long day at work

What are some other ways you can be present emotionally and physically with your family? Share your ideas in a comment below!

Posted on: October 31, 2023