How to Achieve Greatness at Work


Daily Huddle Recipe

Self-analysis is no simple task. Yet it’s crucial to working well with others and achieving great things. Why? Because the more we know about our strengths and weaknesses, the more we’ll be able to seek out others who can complement us.

So answer the 10 questions below to better understand where you thrive and where you struggle. Then, use your new knowledge to create a recipe for success with your coworkers!

  1. Leadership: Do you enjoy taking charge or following pre-determined plans?
  2. Confidence: Do you speak your mind or hope for things to work themselves out?
  3. Compassion: Are you easily able to see your coworkers as people with personal lives and families?
  4. Ambition: Are you constantly looking for ways to grow or are you content where you are?
  5. Detail-Oriented: Are you able to keep all the puzzle pieces in order or do you prefer the big picture?
  6. Logical: Are you driven by logic or emotions?
  7. Team Player: Do you thrive in a group or do you prefer independence?
  8. Criticism: Do you take constructive criticism well or does your sensitivity prevent you from growing?
  9. Experience: Are you a well-seasoned pro or do you need more guidance?
  10. Perfection: Do you get frustrated with imperfection or are you able to demonstrate flexibility?

What are some other common strengths and weaknesses you see in yourself? Comment below with your thoughts!

Posted on: February 08, 2024