How Common Interests Lead to an Uncommon Marriage


Time is a funny thing.

Time has the ability to strengthen or weaken us, to grow us or guard us, to heal us or harm us. But when it comes to marriage, we believe that time can definitely be on our side. It’s all about learning how to use time for our good!

One way to do this is to keep common interests in common. No matter how much time goes by, connecting with your spouse is vital to a successful marriage.

So take a bit of time today to think through some of those common interests that first brought you together: sports, music, movies…the list goes on and on! Then surprise your spouse by reworking those common interests back into your daily lives together. This is a sure way to make your marriage an uncommon marriage!

What are some of you and your spouse’s common interests? We’d love for you to comment with your answer!

Posted on: April 14, 2016