How Actions Speak Louder than Words


We all know the saying, Actions speak louder than words.

Well here at the Dungy Family Foundation, we believe that to be so true! Coach Dungy spent many years training up teams to win games. And over time, he discovered that the best way to communicate was often through actions rather than words. And so instead of simply telling his quarterback what to do, he’d give him a picture of it and demonstrate!

In the same way, parenting requires action. We aren’t just called to tell our kids to be honest, to be kind, and to be humble. We are called to do all of those things ourselves! Your kids are always watching you…and I mean always! So be sure that the picture of your life is one you want your kids mirroring.

What are some ways to start acting more like a role model for your kids? Share your ideas in a comment below!

Posted on: March 23, 2016