Every Husband’s Duty


When it comes to marriage, there are so many things to enjoy: taking new adventures together, buying your first home together, and just living daily life together!

But there are also some tough things that come with being married–things that require effort and focus. So today, we’re talking through some of the duties of every husband.

  1. Pay attention to your wife’s heart. As a husband, you’re called to listen to your wife and her heart. You must continue to learn about her each and every day. Get to know her quirks and her love language. Continue to discover how you can best love her in new situations.
  2. Meet your wife’s needs. Husbands are also called to meet their wives’ needs. We all immediately think of physical needs–providing food and money and a home for her. But it’s also important to meet your wife’s spiritual and emotional needs. This means caring for her, showing compassion, and encouraging her in her relationship with the Lord.

What are some other duties a husband must keep in mind? We’d love to hear your suggestions in a comment below!

Posted on: August 03, 2016