Camp Harlow



Here at the Dungy Family Foundation, we often find ourselves involved in many amazing initiatives around the country. Recently, we were able to get involved with a great kids camp called Camp Harlow in Eugene, Oregon. This is a wonderful camp that offers kids exciting adventures, relationships that last, and most importantly this camp shares the good news of the Gospel with its campers. We were so pleased to be involved by providing scholarships to kids who could not afford to attend.

This past summer, Camp Harlow served over 2,800 campers! Here’s the exciting part: 365 campers made first-time professions of faith in Jesus Christ!

Below is a letter we received from Dave Mertz and the Camp Harlow staff. It was originally from a young man in foster care who received a scholarship to attend:


 Camp Harlow gave us a fantastic photo book recapping the camp experience through pictures. We added those pictures below. We hope you enjoy looking through them! We sure did!


Check out more about Camp Harlow on their website and join them on Facebook and Twitter! We love Camp Harlow and everything they do. It was a true blessing to be involved.

Posted on: April 10, 2013


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