Always in the Spotlight


The day you become a parent is the day you step into the spotlight. And you never step out.

From the moment your child is born, they are watching you. And they see all of your moments of kindness. They see the way you give your spouse an encouraging word after a long day. They see the way you put away your cell phone at the dinner table. They even see the way you smile at the cashier and ask how their day is going.

But they also see your moments of weakness. They see the way you slam your fist on the table out of frustration. They see the way you roll your eyes behind your spouse’s back. They see the empty bleachers at their soccer game. They even see a word or two slip out under your breath when you think no one’s listening.

Here’s the thing: your children are always watching you. Always. There are no days off and no behind the scenes. So be sure that you think about each word and action you take. Because once you’re in the spotlight, all eyes are on you.

Posted on: November 14, 2023