3 Ways to Encourage Your Kids



Your role as a parent is far more impactful than you will ever realize. Every day, you have the power to inspire, challenge, and most importantly, ENCOURAGE your kids.

So let’s consider the top 3 ways to encourage your kids:

  1. Encourage Your Kids with Your Words: Words of encouragement are the surest way to love your kids well. So look for big and small ways to encourage your kids with your words. Maybe it’s complimenting their character or their accomplishments or their attitude. Whatever it is, be sure to verbally recognize them.
  2. Encourage Your Kids in Their Weakness: Next, be sure to encourage your kids with good timing. The best time to encourage them? When they’re feeling down or weak. This might mean encouraging them after losing a game, receiving a bad grade, or not getting the part in the school play. But remember: being aware and involved in your child’s daily life is the best way to ensure timely encouragement.
  3. Encourage Your Kids with Consistency: Last but not least, the most important part of encouraging your child is being consistent. Daily reminders that they are loved and valued will give your children the confidence they need to succeed in life.

What are some other ways to encourage your kids? We’d love to hear your suggestions below.

Posted on: November 02, 2015