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How to Earn Respect

DFF Respect

We all want respect. So how do we earn it? Well, here are 3 simple ways to earn respect every day…

1. By Acting with Kindness:

Caring for others is the first step toward earning their respect. The more you make someone feel valued, the more they will value you and your opinion.

2. By Acting with Honor:

It’s no secret that each person is unique in their own way. So the sooner we honor others’ differences, the sooner they will come to respect us.

3. By Acting with Dignity:

No person is worth more than another. So when we choose to act with dignity and treat others equally, respect is sure to follow.


How else can we work to earn respect from our families, friends, and coworkers? Share your ideas in a comment below.

Posted on: August 28, 2015


The Key to Being a Great Leader

DFF energize

Being a leader is no easy task.

So today, we’re going to discuss two key parts of being a great leader.

1. Leaders Must Energize:

We all know what it’s like to have days of exhaustion and pessimism. But energizing others means giving them energy to accomplish great tasks. In other words, leaders are called to be positive sources of strength for those they’re leading!

Practical Tip: Energize your coworkers today with a cool quote about perseverance.

2. Leaders Must Inspire:

When days get long and weeks get hard, inspiration is the best way to pick people up. That’s why the greatest leaders are inspirational! They’re willing and able to inspire their peers to keep going when the going gets tough.

Practical Tip: Inspire your family today by sharing a devotion with them.


What are some other qualities of a great leader? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

Posted on: August 27, 2015


Why Engage, Educate, and Equip Others

Daily Huddle- Encourage

In life, we are responsible for 3 things: engaging others, educating others, and equipping others. So today, let’s talk a little bit about why it’s so crucial to take on these roles and do them well…

Why Engage? 

Engaging others well means listening to people, caring for people, and advising people. By choosing to engage, you’re choosing to put the needs of others ahead of your own.

Why Educate? 

We all have something to offer the world. So what’s stopping you from educating others about what you’ve learned? Be quick to offer your wisdom and guidance!

Why Equip? 

Equipping others is the best way to love them well. By equipping them with the resources to make wise decisions, you’re investing in their future.


How will you engage, educate, or equip others today? Feel free to leave your idea in a comment below!

Posted on: August 22, 2015


Faith is Belief Put into Action

Daily Huddle- Faith

We all believe in something. But oftentimes, we keep our faith to ourselves. Instead of living a life that reflects our beliefs, we keep our faith separate and secret.

But the truth is that faith is belief put into action.

So today, we’re going to talk through 5 ways to put your belief into action…

Speak Kind Words to Your Spouse: Find simple ways to compliment and encourage your spouse every day.

Spend Quality Time with Your Kids: Make memories with your children that they’ll always remember.

Serve Your Community: Find ways to care for the less-fortunate around you–whether serving them a meal or helping with yard work.

Share Wisdom with Others: Be a source of wisdom and counsel for those who are making decisions in life.

Seek Out Ways to Put Others First: Ultimately, it’s all about living a selfless life and putting others ahead of yourself.

What are some other ways to put your faith into action? We’d love to hear your ideas in a comment below.

Posted on: August 22, 2015


Integrity: The Foundation of Trustworthiness

Integrity is critical to everything we do

We all believe in integrity. But how many of us actually pursue integrity in our daily lives?

Being a man of integrity means being trusted by yourself, your peers, and your God. So let’s break each of these down and talk about what that looks like day to day.

Trusting Yourself: 

Every moment is an opportunity to make the right choice or the wrong choice–with your spouse, with your kids, and even with your work. But trusting yourself begins with recognizing this battle, and fighting for integrity.

Being Trusted By Others: 

Gaining trust from your peers requires consistency over time; it’s not something that simply happens overnight! So let your words and actions–however big or small–convey integrity.

Being Trusted By God: 

Luke 16:10 says, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” Acting with integrity can be difficult. But when we begin to be trustworthy with the small things, we will grow in our ability to be trustworthy with the big things.

When is the last time you pursued a life of integrity? We’d love to hear your story in a comment below.

Posted on: August 20, 2015


Leaving a Legacy

DFF Final

100 years from now, what will you be remembered by?

Here at the Dungy Family Foundation, we want future generations to know that we stood for strengthening, sustaining, and empowering communities. That’s why we’re striving to leave a legacy of faith and truth.

And we want to help YOU leave a legacy, too. So here are 3 ways to leave a legacy:

1. With Your Words:

There’s no doubt about it–words are powerful. So how are you using your words? To build others up or to tear others down? Today, let your words be the encouragement someone needs to pursue their dreams, do the right thing, or make a difference.

2. With Your Actions:

Whether we know it or not, people are always watching us. They’re watching to see whether we act with integrity or selfishness, honor or deceit. So be sure your actions contribute to a legacy you’ll want to be remembered for.

3. With Your Love:

And finally, the most important way to leave a legacy is with your love. Live a life of sacrifice–always looking for ways to serve others.

What kind of legacy will you leave? Feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below.

Posted on: August 18, 2015


Talking Marriage on the Today Show

This morning, Tony and Lauren had the privilege of talking about their marriage as well as their new book, Uncommon Marriage, on the Today Show. Thanks to NBC for the great opportunity! Watch the interview below…

For more about Uncommon Marriage click here!

Posted on: February 03, 2014


Bringing the Internet to Low-Income Homes

blog-pic-internet-essentialsWe, at Dungy Family Foundation, are excited to begin year two of our partnership with Comcast’s Internet Essentials! We are helping to kick off year three of the program, which is helping to connect low-income families to the power of the Internet at home. Internet Essentials from Comcast  is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive broadband adoption program. It provides eligible families low-cost broadband service for $9.95 a month plus tax; the option to purchase an Internet-ready computer for under $150; and multiple options to access free digital literacy training in print, online, and in-person.

As Comcast’s Internet Essentials embarks on year three, it is making real and significant progress in helping to close the digital divide in America.  In about 22 months, more than 220,000 families have enrolled nationwide.  This means they are connecting approximately 900,000 low-income Americans now have access to broadband Internet in their homes, most for the very first time. Comcast attributes this success to the strong support from and collaboration with thousands of community partners.  This is why we are very excited to partner with Comcast and play a role in spreading the word about this charitable program.

To increase enrollment and continue to help close the digital divide in America, Comcast continues to enhance Internet Essentials. This year they have increased the  broadband speeds, streamlined enrollment, expanded eligibility, created an online application tool, and introduced Internet Essentials Opportunity Cards. The Opportunity Cards give Comcast community partners the opportunity to help connect eligible low-income families to the Internet; they can be purchased in advance and used toward the cost of paying for Internet Essentials service.

As you can see, there are many reasons why we are so excited to begin this partnership! Here is a brief preview from a recent interview with Coach Dungy and Comcast:

Q:  Coach Dungy, tell us about the Internet Essentials program and why you’ve gotten involved?

A:  Internet Essentials is an incredible initiative launched three years ago by Comcast to help make a difference for America’s low-income families. It’s a program that can have a game-changing impact on education and the lives of young people. It really levels the playing field for those that might not have the opportunities they deserve just because they never had access to the tools and resources that drive success in today’s technologically advanced world.

Q:  How do the goals of Internet Essentials intersect with the work of the Dungy Family Foundation? 

A:  The Dungy Family Foundation’s mission is to strengthen, sustain and empower communities by providing opportunities to those in need, especially in the realm of education. For instance, we recently launched a reading program because we believe that good reading skills are crucial to success in life and must be stimulated at an early age. Internet Essentials fits perfectly with the values of the Foundation because it has the ability to strengthen, sustain and empower those who need it most through affordable access to the Internet, low-cost computers and digital literacy training.

Q:  What does being involved in a program like this mean to you? 

A:  Last year I met numerous families who told me how Internet Essentials changed the entire educational landscape for their children at home. The program made it so that their kids could advance their learning by studying online, submitting homework assignments online, staying connected to family online, and in a few instances allowed first generation family members to apply for and go through the acceptance process for college entirely online. For a family that cannot currently afford broadband Internet at-home, Internet Essentials can mean a much, much brighter future. I can’t wait to be a part of year three of this program and meet more families that are creating success stories for themselves as a result of Internet Essentials. Along with our Foundation, I’ll be participating in several back to school events this year, with the first in Philadelphia on September 30.

Q:  Why is bridging the digital divide in America so critical?

A:  Technology has changed not just how classrooms work, but how the whole world works. Whether searching for a job, applying for colleges, researching healthcare information, finding financial resources, or staying connected to family or friends, it’s a must. Access to the Internet is a game-changer in nearly every aspect of life, and I believe we must all do our part to ensure every student has this access. Comcast has stepped up and I am proud to stand with them in doing so.

  • Atlanta, GA | October 14, 2013 – View Photo Gallery
  • Denver, CO | October 16, 2013
  • Pittsburgh, PA | October 21, 2013
  • Albuquerque, NM | October 31, 2013
  • Jackson, MI | November, 11, 2013
  • Indianapolis, IN | November, 11, 2013

For more information, to find out about eligibility for the Internet Essentials program, or to apply for the program visit or, or call1-855-846-8376 or, for Spanish, 1-855-765-6995.

Posted on: October 14, 2013


Reading in Tampa Elementary Schools

We got started reading again in Tampa Elementary schools last week. This week we were at Foster and Seminole. We look forward to the fall and continuing to interact with third grade students! – Tony


Posted on: September 26, 2013


Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Progress

We’ve had a pretty busy summer, filled with traveling and family. On our way back home last weekend, we stopped in Pittsburgh to take some pictures of the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Our Foundation has had the privilege of supporting this memorial and we were very pleased to see the progress they are making! I’ve added a couple pictures below for you to see. We love being involved with projects like this.

- Tony

Lauren standing next to The Roll of Honor


Has the story of the Tuskegee Airmen inspired you? Please tell us in the comments!

Posted on: August 27, 2013


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